Some pruposed services

To order, contact me by email on noc(@)servperso(.)net
The first payment is requested after delivery of the service
As a small company, I am exempt from VAT

RIPE NCC Services

Our LIR services are only for adults or company residing in the service area of the RIPE NCC (Europe and Russia)

Service First payment price Billed Renew price
ASN Registration / Transfert 50€ Once FREE
ASN + IPV6 PA /44 60€ Yearly 20€ for ipv6 PA
IPV6 /44 PA 20€ Yearly 20€ for ipv6 PA
IPV4 PA /24 (ipv6 + asn included) 80€ Monthly 80€
IP PI SPONSORSHIP 100€ Yearly 100€


Our offers are intended to maintain an ASN, all our vps have the same resources
2 vcore - 2Gb of ram - 15Gb SSD - Proxmox KVM

Localisation IXP Transit IPv4 BW IPv6 BW IP Setup Monthly
Netherlands NLocIX
IPv6/IPv4 full view 4TB upload * Unlimited (fair) 1 v6 + V4 10€ 10€

Tunnel based transit

If needed I can deliver a bgp session by tunnel (Gre / Gre6 / VxLAN)
Contact me for other offers (ipv6 offer only for example)
Payment by 3 months below 10 €

Localisation Tunnel transport layer BGP transit IPv4 BW IPv6 BW Setup price Monthly price
Dual Stack (v6+v4) ip transit tunnel
Netherlands Tunnel established via IPv6 IPv6 & IPv4 4Tb upload * Unlimited (fair) 10€ 10€
Netherlands Tunnel established via IPv4 IPv6 & IPv4 3Tb for both protocol * 10€ 10€
IPv6 only transit tunnel
Netherlands Tunnel established via IPv6 IPv6 - Unlimited (fair) 10€ 5€
Netherlands Tunnel established via IPv4 IPv6 - 3Tb * 10€ 8€


You are looking to host your dedicated servers in one of our POPs,
contact me by email and I will make you an offer based on your needs.


* = I do not always bill the bandwidth, what I care is to see if it goes to transit billed by my suppliers. (ex: serverius, myloc)
If your consumption had an impact on my prices I will limit the session to 15Mbps and will contact you to find a solution